Final Event myAbility Talent Program

Already for the fourth time the myAbility Talent Program took place in Vienna. The 2019 programme was ceremoniously concluded on 5 September with around 80 participants at Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI).

Among those present were both myAbility Talents and representatives of the companies. During the closing event, certificates of participation were given to the myAbility Talents and they were congratulated for their successful completion.

myAbility led through the evening. By conveying words in sign language and personal statements by many participants, a pleasant setting was created for the event. Daniel Bader, from Raiffeisen Capital Management, summarized this as follows: „The event was excellently organized, in a positive atmosphere and touching at the same time“.

Hannes Mösenbacher, RBI CRO, opened the event, emphasizing that one of the focal points of the RBI initiative „Diversity 2020“ – namely the inclusion of people with disabilities – is a concern of the entire board. One of the new values, Collaboration, clearly emphasises the commitment to diversity in RBI. Assessing people according to their strengths and taking advantage of their capabilities is the right approach.

During the certificate delivery Mr. Mösenbacher showed what really matters with a simple gesture. The CRO climbed off the stage to be „on the same level“ with the successful young student, Christina Holmes, who is in no way restricted by her wheelchair.

The Talents experienced a lot during the program:

Altogether, the myAbility Talents – talented students with disabilities – were coached 24 hours in groups around the topic of self-presentation and first impressions, as well as 21 hours in individual settings.

On Matching Day there were 80 speeddates between the myAbility Talents and the participating companies. The Talents completed a total of 272 hours of job shadowing in various departments.

The RBI took part in the program for the second time. This time it was Institutional Clients, Planning and Finance and Raiffeisen Research as well as RCM that took part with great commitment.

The participating companies handed over the certificates and reported on the experience gained. This year’s CEO Job Shadowing was a special event for both parties involved.

The young talents enrich the employees of the participating companies both professionally and socially. It is only through daily encounters that fears of contact can be overcome and it quickly becomes clear that people with disabilities are by no means just „limited“ but true „talents“. It is therefore not surprising that some of the experts receive permanent positions after the program.

By working with the young people, the company representatives recognised that banal things – such as a missing acoustic signal for the floors in the lift – are usually not taken into account in everyday working life, but can make life much easier for some colleagues.

For all participating companies one thing was very clear, namely to take their „Talents“ as a role model. They do not see challenges as a hurdle, but rather as an opportunity, which was confirmed by two speakers on stage representing all Talents. Sami Demirel, myAbilty talent, proudly told of his father’s happiness and thereby denied the general opinion of society that people with disabilities are merely „limited“ or „superheroes“. He was also very pleased with his first certificate in Braille.

Such seemingly small things show that a rethinking is taking place in people’s minds and that the self-imposed boundaries are slowly but surely being dismantled. Of course, this requires effort, as Victoria Doppler, Ability Manager of Caritas Vienna, aptly sums it up. But in any case, it is more than enriching for both sides to consciously perceive other points of view.

Julia Wallisch, myAbility Talent, has described the program as her personal „Power-Up”, which has catapulted her to a new level. This is also very true in general, because for the „Talents“ and companies, but also for our entire society, programs like this are a model for better cooperation.

10.09.2019 - Sustainability