stakeholder engagement

Find out more about the initiatives and committees we have founded in order to stay in touch with our stakeholders. An open communication is important for constantly improving our sustainability efforts.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are defined as those people or groups of people that have a justified interest in the company through their direct or indirect business activities. Stakeholders are therefore employees, customers, owners, subsidiaries and participations, suppliers and business partners. There are also several other stakeholder groups with regular mutual relations.

We process the results and controversial topics from stakeholder dialogues in our sustainability committees and derive corresponding concrete objectives and measures for further development of our sustainability management.

The identification of relevant and sensitive issues takes place through regular effective dialogue with stakeholders. In particular, this is the role of Issue Management and Materiality Analysis. In addition to regular dialogues with the different stakeholder groups, we analyse and evaluate topics every two to three years with regard to their relevance for us and our stakeholders.

stakeholder council
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Stakeholder Council 2019

More than 80 persons from the various stakeholder groups participated in the tenth RBI Stakeholder Council. The participants were welcomed by CEO Johann Strobl, who reported on how the changed environment had led to an intensive discussion of the bank's positioning.

stakeholder council

Stakeholder Council 2018

At the end of November, more than 90 people from different stakeholder groups took part in the RBI's annual Stakeholder Council and discussed how digitisation can help the RBI to operate in a more sustainable manner in the future. Keynote speaker René Schmidpeter, Professor of International Business Ethics and CSR at Cologne Business School, highlighted the need for an inclusive approach to sustainability.

Stakeholder Council 2017

The eighth RBI Stakeholder Council, held in mid-November at the Sky Conference, was attended by more than 80 people from various stakeholder groups – customers and business partners, employees and owners, the financial community and sustainability rating agencies, education and research, interest groups, the media, politics and administration, NGOs and NPOs. 


In the Stakeholder Council 2016 the focus was on the topic "Focus on the essential". 


In the Stakeholder Council 2015 the focus was on the topic "Fit for the future through sustainability". 


In the Stakeholder Council 2014 the focus was on the topic "RZB Group 2025: Sustainable Future Scenarios and Strategies". 


In the Stakeholder Council 2013 the focus was on the topic "We create sustainable value". 


In the Stakeholder Council 2012 the focus was on the topic "Sustainable development and corporate responsibility in the RZB Group". 

Stakeholder Council 2011

In the Stakeholder Council 2011 the focus was on the topic "Reflection of the past year". 

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