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Ad hoc release

31.01.2023 (19:58 CET) RBI: Preliminary Results 2022 / Guidance 2023

Consolidated profit of EUR 3.6 billion in 2022, driven by significant increase in core revenues – Guidance 2023

  • Excluding Russia and Belarus, net interest income of EUR 3,399 million, up 37% year-over-year due to higher interest rates and volumes
  • Net fee and commission income excluding Russia and Belarus of EUR 1,739 million, up 16% year-over-year
  • Net trading income and fair value result, excluding Russia and Belarus, up EUR 179 million year-over-year, due to increased FX market making activities and credit spreads of own issues
  • Customer loan growth of 6% (excl. Russia and Belarus) with double digit growth in key CE and SEE markets
  • EUR 982 million consolidated profit (up 35% year-over-year), excluding Russia and Belarus as well as gain on sale of the Bulgarian units (EUR 453 million)
  • Risk costs of EUR 949 million, of which EUR 490 million booked in Russia and Belarus, and build-up of risk overlays (provisioning ratio of 0.73%); NPE ratio unchanged from previous year at 1.6%
  • CET1 ratio at 16.0% (transitional, incl. result), driven by strong consolidated profit and RWA optimization; 14.0% excluding Russia
  • From the current perspective earnings from Russia and Belarus cannot be distributed
  • The board will recommend a dividend of up to EUR 0.80 per share from the net profit for financial year 2022 although the timing of the decision is uncertain and unlikely to be made at the upcoming AGM (30 March 2023). The date of the decision and a resolution in an EGM will be chosen subject to capital ratios and ongoing strategic considerations. 

  • By RBI Investor Relations

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