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Annual general meeting approves all agenda items

Vienna, 30 March 2023. The Annual General Meeting of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) for the financial year 2022 took place today in hybrid format amid great public interest.

In their comments on the past financial year, the Supervisory Board and the Management Board dealt in detail with the war and the resulting situation for RBI. With reference to the ongoing strategic considerations of the Russian business Johann Strobl, CEO of RBI, clarified: “We will continue to progress potential transactions which would result in the sale or spin-off of Raiffeisenbank Russia and deconsolidation of Raiffeisenbank Russia from the Group. We are committing to further reducing business activity in Russia whilst we continue to progress such potential transactions.”

Due to the continuing uncertainties resulting from the war in Ukraine, it was proposed to the Annual General Meeting that the entire balance-sheet profit shall be carried forward. "Even if our very good operating result in 2022 and our solid capital ratio would allow us to pay a dividend, we will not be able to decide on a dividend until a later date due to the existing uncertainties," emphasized Johann Strobl. Considering the development of the capital ratios, regulatory requirements and the ongoing strategic considerations, the possibility of a subsequent dividend payment of up to EUR 0.80 per share for the financial year 2022 will be examined in the current financial year and, if necessary, the payment of a dividend will be submitted to a separate (extraordinary) shareholders' meeting for resolution.

Shareholders approved all resolutions proposed under the individual agenda items. Andrea Gaal was re-elected to the Supervisory Board of RBI until the close of the Annual General Meeting which will grant a discharge of the financial year 2027.

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