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Semi-annual financial report 2023

  • Half-year profit after tax from continuing operations excluding Russia and Belarus broadly stable year-on-year despite very high portfolio-based provisions for litigations in Poland (EUR 424 million)
  • Net interest income excluding Russia and Belarus up 4.2% quarter-on-quarter
  • Net fee and commission income quarter-on-quarter up 4.4% and 5.2% in CE and SEE, respectively; offset by drop in GC&M
  • Ongoing reduction of business in Russia: net fee and commission income down 47% quarter-onquarter, loans to customers down 35% in local currency since the beginning of the war
  • Risk costs significantly down year-on-year to EUR 259 million in H1/2023
  • CET1 ratio at 15.9% (transitional, incl. result), excluding Russia 13.9%
  • Core revenues outlook improves; expected ROE for 2023 unchanged due to higher provisions in Poland

  • By RBI Investor Relations

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