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RBI's position on Raiffeisenbank in Russia and the war against Ukraine

RBI strictly follows all applicable Austrian and EU legal requirements, which recognise the territorial, political and economic integrity of Ukraine. Contrary to what is being claimed on social media, RBI does not conduct business in any of the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the Crimean peninsula, either directly or through its subsidiaries.

RBI is examining all strategic options for the future of Raiffeisenbank Russia, up to and including a carefully managed exit from the bank. Due to the complexity of the situation, including restrictive measures imposed by the Russian Federation, this process is continuing. Since the outbreak of the war, Raiffeisenbank Russia has largely discontinued its lending business and reduced its lending volume by approximately 30 per cent.

The war in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on the country’s people and economy.  Since the outbreak of war, the RBI Group has provided extensive humanitarian aid measures for Ukraine which is not limited by direct financial aid amounting to € 20 million but includes comprehensive assistance to the people in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees abroad. RBI continues to support its customers and employees while contributing to the financial stability of the country.

Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine works in a committed manner under wartime conditions, ensuring the banking systems’ stability, fully meeting its obligations to the regulation, clients and employees. Recognized as the most reliable bank in the country over years, Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine is one of the biggest local lenders providing significant financing support to the economy.