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RBI securitizes loan portfolio of € 1.85 billion

  • Positive effect on the CET1 ratio of around 11 basis points at group level
  • Risk transfer without impact on customer relationships

  • By Group Communications
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Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) has securitized a loan portfolio worth € 1.85 billion. The portfolio consists of corporate loans mainly in Germany, Slovakia and Austria. In this synthetic securitization, the portfolio was split into a senior, a mezzanine and a junior risk position. The credit risk of the mezzanine tranche was assumed by an international institutional investor. RBI retains the credit risk of the junior and senior tranches. Thanks to this securitization structure, the transaction has no impact on customer relations. At group level, the transaction will strengthen the common equity tier 1 ratio by approximately 11 basis points.

"Securitizations are an important instrument for our group to strengthen our capital ratio and to support the growth of RBI Group through the transfer of risk. This transaction is already the second one this year after a similar transaction closed by our Czech network bank in June and the 18th as part of our ROOF program since 2012. We benefit from the trustful relationships, which we built over these years with investors," said RBI-CFO Sabine Abfalter.