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Sketch of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen with the gable cross

Zentrale Raiffeisenwerbung

The role of "Zentrale Raiffeisenwerbung"

Responsibility for the strategic brand management of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group (RBG) and the RBI Group rests with RBI. An important role in this is played by "Zentrale Raiffeisenwerbung (ZRW, Central Raiffeisen Advertising)", which coordinates and controls the RBG's brand presence.

ZRW was founded in 1973 as the umbrella association for the regional advertising associations of the RBG and exists to promote the economic interests and business development of all Raiffeisen banks and Raiffeisen institutions which are members of the regional advertising associations.

The primary objective of ZRW was and is to ensure the shared brand management for the RBG and a common advertising presence on the main marketing aspects.

In Austria, Raiffeisen is the bank with the highest level of awareness, the highest level of likeability, the highest advertising impact and the greatest sports advertising recall.

Historical logos of Raiffeisen

Raiffeisen Brand

The common symbol that connects all activities of the Raiffeisen Group is the Gable Cross. The Gable Cross is part of the trademark of almost all the companies of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group and the RBI Group in Central and Eastern Europe.

It represents two crossed, stylised horse heads attached to a house gable and is a symbol of protection, with its roots in ancient European folk traditions: a gable cross on the roof is intended to protect the house and its occupants from external dangers and to ward off evil.

Raiffeisen has developed into an internationally successful banking group. A uniform brand identity signals strength, conveys competence and ultimately creates confidence. This is also supported, for example, by the Austrian brand value study.

With a brand value of about € 2.06 billion EUR, as surveyed by the European Brand Institute 2020, Raiffeisen is one of the most valuable brand in Austria.