ESG Aktivitäten unserer Töchter
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ESG activities in our network

Sustainability and ESG are very important to our subsidiaries in Austria and our network banks in Central and Eastern Europe as well. Steps are being taken on an ongoing basis to offer sustainable products and to provide ESG advisory for customers. 

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Here we would like to keep you up to date on the ESG activities of our subsidiaries and will continuously expand the information!

Raiffeisen capital management

SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT. The quarterly sustainability magazine of Raiffeisen Capital Management.

October 2021 | Issue no. 33

  • Energy transition
  • Discussion: We need to raise the pace!
  • Corporate voices on the topic of renewable energy


June 2021 | Issue no. 32

  • Biodiversity – biological diversity
  • Discussion: Land take
  • Corporate voices from the food industry


April 2021 | Issue no. 31

  • Demographic change
  • Discussion: "Education is the key"
  • Corporate voices on the topic of demographic change


December 2020 | Issue no. 30

  • Fast Fashion and effects on the environment
  • Discussion: "We need a green-washing check!"
  • Corporate voices on fast fashion


January 2022 | Issue no. 34

  • Carbon pricing
  • Discussion: Climate policy and carbon pricing
  • Corporate voices on the topic of carbon pricing


Kathrein Privatbank

Follow these links to have a look at the sustainable funds of Kathrein Privatbank, which are managed by its 100 % subsidiary Kathrein Capital Management.


Sustainable Kathrein products (information in German)


Raiffeisen BANK dd Bosna i Hercegovina


We live in a time when sustainable acting is becoming a dominant part of almost every business, and a growing importance of ESG topics is strategic for successful banking. Sustainability is in the focus of organizations and the entire community in which they operate.

Raiffeisen BANK dd Bosna i Hercegovina is an active and dedicated corporate citizen, trying to increase knowledge regarding different aspects of sustainability. To raise awareness for importance of the sustainability and ESG topics as well as to strengthen the financial literacy in the country, Raiffeisen bank has started numerous activities in this aspect.

One of them is the production of a video series for the Financial News which is broadcasted every night on two national TV stations in the prime time and posted on the bank’s YouTube channel, social networks and Intranet. Two videos have been produced so far, and new videos are yet to come following the future activities of the bank in the sustainability and ESG segments. 


Aim of the responsible banking video is to explain the meaning of this concept, which implies dealing with the environment and the community in which a bank operates. Being a responsible banker means attracting investors, higher satisfaction of customers and employees, as well as creating new jobs and more transparency. Watch here (English subtitles): 

The intention of the second video is to show Raiffeisen bank’s dedication to responsible banking through implementation of sustainability and ESG activities. Raiffeisen bank strives to offer its customers sustainable financial products and services and support them in their transformation towards sustainable future, and it also contributes to reduction of CO2 emissions. Watch here (English subtitles):