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Basket Program Expansion

RBI is the only bank in Europe offering this product specifically designed for start-ups. * Growth Basket loans do not require collateral, all fees covered by RBI.

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Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) expands its successful “Basket” program to a total volume of € 250 million. The only pure debt finance product of its kind in Europe provides fast growing start-ups with up to € 15 million in corporate loans without taking equity.

“At RBI, we are committed to supporting start-ups and helping them reach their full potential,” said Joerg Bartussek, Head of the Digital department within RBI’s Corporate Customers division. “We believe that the Growth Basket will provide our future large customers with the financial security and flexibility they need. Portfolio companies like Staffbase, busuu, Nuki or Storebox work with us, because this kind of financing does not dilute their founders’ and shareholders’ stakes.”

The basket program has a non-performing assets ratio of 0 percent, meaning it has not had a single default. Following intensive due diligence, the European Investment Fund (EIF) is providing a portfolio guarantee of € 35 million to the Growth Basket in an initial phase of cooperation with RBI.

The Growth Basket enables start-ups to flexibly raise the funds they need to scale their business without having to give up any equity. RBI does not require collateral and covers all related costs. Growth Basket loans usually have a tenor of up to four years and cost between 6 per cent and 12 per cent p.a.

The Growth Basket is available to all fast-growing start-ups across Europe and from every industry. Candidates should be able to show net revenues of at least € 8 million in 2022 and must have raised a minimum of € 6 million in equity since they were founded.

More information about the Growth Basket.